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Q20 Hydrogen Water Bottle
Q20 Hydrogen Water Bottle


Cupbody: Glass Bottle

Capacity: 550 ml

Work time: 3 mins & 10 mins

With self-clean mode

Battery: 4000mAh

Voltage: 5V USB

Temperature: 0-60

SPE: Quality Titanium Platinum

PEM: Quality ion membrane

OperatingClick Switch

Charging Cable: Type-C Cable

Product size: 74X240mm


H2: 2500- 5000ppb

ORP test: -300 ~-700mV


SPE/PEM Technology

 Electrodes: multi-layers Titanium + Platinum Coating

Membrane: Platinum Coating SPE/PEM Ion Membrane



 ·Portable and Easy to Use

·High quality glass flask bottle, BPA Free

·Latest DCS Smart PC board Module

·Turn any drinking water into hydrogen rich water instantly

·DUAL SPE/PEM Platinum Coated Ion membrane technology, hydrogen, and oxygen are fully separated. Make 100% pure H2 water at maximum H2 concentration

·High grade Titanium + Platinum coating Electrodes for durability, and better electrolysis

·Type C quick charging 3 hours for full charge. 1 full charge can work 50+ cycles.

·Hydrogen bubbles are produced in the water visually during usage