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The secret of Hunza Water

Views [1552]    Published:2016-03-30 22:27:07

We heard about healing springs of Lourdes & Hunzakuts lived up to 150 years drinking Hunza Water.  The life-enhancing ability of this water is NEGATIVELY CHARGED.  It hydrates the body at a far deeper level than our old familiar H20.  It is alkaline, which was our body’s state at birth.

Today, many health authorities question to drinking of pure water, because it causes leaching of body minerals through osmosis.  Excess acidity forces the body borrow minerals from vital organs and bones to buffer the body fluid.  Dr Louis Pasteur says “The germ is nothing.  The inner terrain is everything.”.

Whether we drink pure water or not, we ingest 8 millions germs as we breathe.  Extracted from the lecture notes by Dr Mona Harrison (former director of the International Water Council); ‘alkaline ionized water electrolysis converts the inorganic minerals present in the water to organic minerals, just like plant juice’.  The acid/alkaline theory is the foundational health decision of people.  We now have the opportunity to permanently change 75% of our body from an acidic liability and breeding grounds for germs, to a natural state, the state we were designed to live in before we polluted our planet and our bodies.