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Hydrogen Inhalation Machine 03
Hydrogen Inhalation Machine 03

Product Specification

Name: Hydrogen Inhalation Machine
Function: Hydrogen Inhalation
Hydrogen Purity: 99.99%
Model: HIM-22
Type: Portable
Size: 12*12*19cm
Latest New Tech: SPE/ PEM dual chamber solution
Sufficient Actual Flow Rate: 150ml/min

Water tank volume: 550ml
Rating Power: 80W
Inpute Voltage: DC12V/8A
Net Weight: 1.6KGs

Long lifespan: 8000-10000h
Smart indicator, Simple Operation, Safety setting, easy process for elderly People

Very Simple to USE

• Press the button once, power on, and work regularly for 1 hour;
• In the working state, press once to work regularly for 2 hours;
In the working state, press twice to work regularly for 3 hours;
In the working state, press three times to stop;

• In the working state, long press for three seconds to shut down.