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303 Hydrogen Water Bottle
303 Hydrogen Water Bottle

400ml New SPE/PEM Electrolysis Hydrogen Rich Generator Water Ionizer Bottle with adaptor for PET bottle Use

Item NameInhaler Hydrogen Water Generator
Item ModelAOA-303
Item Sizeφ=70mm, H=210mm
Item FunctionMake hydrogen rich water for healthy drinking
Electrode material Titanium + Platinum
Material of cup lid & bottom304 stainless steel + ABS
Material cup bodyFood grade high borosilicate glass
Fast Electrolysis5 minutes/ 10 minutes
Hydrogen content1000-3300ppb subject to different water quality 
Antioxidant ORP -200~ -700mv
Detachable designEasy to clean
Working Temperature0-90 degree C
Rechargeable Battery1600mAh
Net Weight500g