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150ml/min Hydrogen Inhaler
150ml/min Hydrogen Inhaler

Hydrogen Generator H2 Inhalation Machine with 150ml/min 99.99% High Purity Hydrogen Generator Water ionizer

This is a Hydrogen Inhalation Machine with 150ml hydrogen flow rate and 99.99% high Purify Hydrogen Inhalation Device. The Hydrogen Inhalation Machine is with the latest SPE(Solid Poly Electrolytic technology) + PEM(Proton Exchange Membrane) Dual Chamber solution. It has strong pressure resistance, strong hydrogen production ability, and does not produce harmful gases such as residual chlorine and ozone.

The HIM-22 Pure Hydrogen Inhalation Machine has obvious effects on the respiratory system, brain nerves, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's and other issues, improve rhinitis, lungs, depression, insomnia, etc, alleviate the pain after chemotherapy in critically ill patients, it also can reduce tumors, prevent and improve tumors, cancer, and resist radiation.

Product Specification

Name: Hydrogen Inhalation Machine
Function: Hydrogen Inhalation
Hydrogen Purity: 99.99%
Model: HIM-22
Type: Portable
Size: 12*12*19cm
Latest New Tech: SPE/ PEM dual chamber solution
Sufficient Actual Flow Rate: 150ml/min

Water tank volume: 550ml
Rating Power: 80W
Inpute Voltage: DC12V/8A
Net Weight: 1.6KGs

Long lifespan: 8000-10000h
Smart indicator, Simple Operation, Safety setting, easy process for elderly People

Very Simple to USE

• Press the button once, power on, and work regularly for 1 hour;
• In the working state, press once to work regularly for 2 hours;
In the working state, press twice to work regularly for 3 hours;
In the working state, press three times to stop;
• In the working state, long press for three seconds to shut down.

Features about Hydrogen Inhalation Machine

1. High Purity
Hydrogen purity is more than 99.99%,which meets the requirements food additives.
2. Sufficient Actual Flow Rate
Our machine’s actual output hydrogen is completely consistent with propagating flow rate, no false propaganda.
3. Non-humidification Bottle
We have overcome the technical bottleneck of hydrogen production. In the process of hydrogen production, we need not to dispose a humidification bottle, avoiding the problems that the machine sprays water into the nostrils, bacterium grow in the humidification bottle, and the hydrogen purity reduces.
4. Strong Heat Dissipation
Our machines have a unique heat sink, so the temperature of the equipment will not be too high even if it is used for a long time.
5. Long Service Life
Service life is 8000~10000 hours or more.
6. Stable Performance
After long-term use of the machine, the flow rate and purity will not decrease, and the quality is guaranteed.
7. Smart Protection
Low water level protection - If the water level in the water tank has dropped to the lower limit, or the water is too low in the equipment after a long time use, the equipment will automatically stop working to prevent damage.
8. Assurance
As a research and development and production company with more than 15 years of experience, we have a strong product and after-sales service team to provide you with assurance.